Sencha Architect 2.1 r676 on os x.

My project has multiple linked instances to a component (just an extended Ext.dataview.list where I override the prepareData method). If I (save and then) close sencha architect and re-open the project, at least 1 of my linked instances will not be found and it'll automatically remove the component from the view (along with the new code in prepareData).

The error displayed is:

Could not find master instance ExtBox1-ext-gen2866 for linked instance "component" - the linked instance will be removed.

Happens every damn time, particularly frustrating because I have to quit Sencha Architect on occasion to get it to stop closing the current file I'm working on after I've edited a resource (this is another bug though, which someone else has already posted.)

Edit: am going to prepare another test project that I'll upload here that'll allow you to reproduce this. Right now this is basically stopping me from getting any work done, as on reloading some random part of my project is simply removed and code is lost.

edit 2: attempting to reproduce this on a new project isn't giving me the error. Something must be screwed with my real project file, in which added components are not found. Any way I can help you guys debug this? Thanks.