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Thread: Sencha GXT 3.0.3 is now available

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    Default Sencha GXT 3.0.3 is now available

    We're excited to announce the release of Sencha GXT 3.0.3. This version is avaiable only to our active support subscribers. Support subscribers can download the latest version of GXT from the support portal at and logging in.

    We've fixed a large number of bugs in addition to making some minor enhancements to the product. We've excerpted the relevant parts of the release notes here.

    Thank you,
    The Sencha GXT Team

    Release 3.0.3 (12/11/12 - tag 3.0.3)

    General Changes & Enhancements

    • [EXTGWT-1862] - Update hosted docs
    • [EXTGWT-2368] - SVN URL incorrect in build instructions
    • [EXTGWT-2475] - Merge the GwtTestSimpleContainer classes
    • [EXTGWT-2549] - Update version of maven-war-plugin to 2.1.1 support Java 7
    • [EXTGWT-2117] - Better testing support by allowing GXT classes to be mocked in tools like Mockito/EasyMock, see for more details
    • [EXTGWT-2328] - Additional assertions in ListStore to ensure that models are not added twice.
    • Modified WindowManager to be replacable via rebind rules
    • Enabled SimpleComboBox to be created via UiBinder

    API Changes

    • Backwards incompatible - CheckBox and Radio no longer support setting the readOnly attribute (only supported by text and passwords inputs)
    • Backwards incompatible - CheckBox and Radio setReadOnly method now throws UnsuppotedOperation exception
    • Backwards incompatible - Moved setReadonly and isReadOnly from Field to ValueBaseField
    • Backwards incompatible - HtmlEditor Renamed isSourceEditMode to isEnableSourceEditMode
    • Added HtmlEditor isSourceEditMode and setSourceEditMode(boolean enable). setSourceEditMode can put the editor into source edit mode
    • HtmlEditor getValue will now return the source editor value when the editor is in source edit mode
    • Added IsWidget support for TabPanel.add methods
    • Added IsWidget support for FieldLabel constructors
    • Added setWordWrap/getWordWrap to FieldLabel appearance options
    • Added isScrollable, isScrollableX, isScrollableY to XElement
    • Added errorSummary config to GridRowEditing
    • Backwards incompatible - Added field_parseExceptionText(String value) to XMessages
    • Backwards incompatible - Added tdUnselectable and tdWrapUnselectable to GridView.GridTemplates
    • Added getShadowPosition and setShadowPosition to Component
    • BorderLayoutData floatable default changed from false to true to match docs
    • RowExpanded added public boolean isExpanded(int rowIndex)
    • Backwards incompatible - Added loadingIcon() to TreeAppearance
    • Added setShowMessage/isShowMessage to Slider and SliderCell
    • Deprecated unused GroupSummaryView methods, and added new usable versions.

    Bug Fixes

    • [EXTGWT-1550] - Horizontal Layout not stable when containing ContentPanel is collapsed, hidden, shown, then expanded
    • [EXTGWT-1613] - Menus are not navigable by keyboard
    • [EXTGWT-1776] - ContentPanel ButtonBar not visible
    • [EXTGWT-1788] - Calling forceLayout on parent of invalid field causes error icon and field width to be wrong
    • [EXTGWT-1797] - Status getIcon() always returns null
    • [EXTGWT-1803] - Can't hide first column in tree grids in IE7
    • [EXTGWT-1806] - Date picker behaves differently in MenuBar with/without UiBinder
    • [EXTGWT-1823] - Read-only checkbox renders differently in different browsers
    • [EXTGWT-1833] - Rich text area text sizing
    • [EXTGWT-1854] - Combo box drop down list width does not adapt to text length
    • [EXTGWT-1873] - Resizable expands vertically by 1px when border clicked
    • [EXTGWT-1879] - DrawLogo example TabPanel should enable tab scrolling
    • [EXTGWT-1897] - TextField selection is inconsistent
    • [EXTGWT-1911] - Dialog (possibly other resizables) show resize cursor on borders
    • [EXTGWT-1924] - Repeatedly changing focus in editable tree grid can cause error in IE6/7
    • [EXTGWT-1936] - Form should be revalidated after reset
    • [EXTGWT-1941] - Grid LocalStorage Grid: Grid is not displaying footer and its controls when closed and reopened in a particular scenario
    • [EXTGWT-1979] - Grid Live Grid: Hiding any column by Unchecking, killing the browser or raising an unhandled exception
    • [EXTGWT-1983] - Binding : Basic Binding (UIBinder) : Details in the company fields should update based on the selected company from the list.
    • [EXTGWT-1985] - Grid: Editable Grid Example Add functionality is not working properly after sorting the grid
    • [EXTGWT-1986] - Grid: Basic UIBinder Grid Example Data is overlapping in the grid after unchecking the columns
    • [EXTGWT-1987] - Binding RequestFactory Binding: Typing lengthier text in Name field and clicking on Save button causes an exception
    • [EXTGWT-1991] - Drag and Drop: List to List and Grid to Grid examples: Able to move items from above list to below list and vice versa
    • [EXTGWT-1992] - Grid: Basic UiBInder Grid: Selection Mode option is not seen
    • [EXTGWT-1996] - Basic Binding (UiBinder) Blank tooltip message is displaying when lower characters are entered in Symbol field
    • [EXTGWT-2001] - Grids : Aggregation Grid :Column hiding functionality is inconsistent on different browsers
    • [EXTGWT-2003] - Grid: Cell Grid : Displaying error message pop-up while changing the dates in the date picker under data column.
    • [EXTGWT-2007] - Grids Cell Grid: All sliders under Durability column are draggable only upto 90 value, not able to position the slider between 90 to 100
    • [EXTGWT-2010] - Forms -> Forms Example (UiBinder): Transparent Notifier is not displayed when checked\unchecked Music check boxes.
    • [EXTGWT-2012] - Grid -> RowNumberer Grid: Selected row is not deleted when clicked on 'Remove a Row' button after selecting the row, always first row is deleted.
    • [EXTGWT-2013] - Drag and Drop: Tree to Tree: Not able to move a node from right panel tree to left panel.
    • [EXTGWT-2014] - Grid -> InLine Editable Gridisplaying Error While Editing all fields of new added plant in Inline Grid example.
    • [EXTGWT-2015] - Toolbar and Menu: Overflow Toolbar(UiBinder): Only one option seen in overflow menu
    • [EXTGWT-2018] - Windows : Message Box : Transparent Notifier for "OK" button in Progress window is not Displaying.
    • [EXTGWT-2021] - Paging grid examples (UiBinder vs. procedural) don't match
    • [EXTGWT-2058] - [s7998] Text selection in grids doesn't work in Firefox
    • [EXTGWT-2063] - checkText parameter not honoured in TabPanel.findItem(String, boolean)
    • [EXTGWT-2066] - Fast Tabbing in Editable Grid Example causes error
    • [EXTGWT-2079] - Can't scroll horizontally in source tab of Explorer examples
    • [EXTGWT-2085] - BorderLayoutContainer, toolbuttons not applied when components are added after render
    • [EXTGWT-2104] - Text is selectable on grids
    • [EXTGWT-2105] - BorderLayoutData floatable property not respected
    • [EXTGWT-2107] - QuickTip appears (and adjusts) when mouse cursor moves just before tip is shown
    • [EXTGWT-2114] - NestedDivFrame appearance relies on background resource in Blue theme
    • [EXTGWT-2140] - GroupingView isExpanded returns wrong value
    • [EXTGWT-2151] - Grid selection model should not be bound onAttach (clears existing selections)
    • [EXTGWT-2152] - Dialog button cannot be focussed with setFocusWidget
    • [EXTGWT-2158] - DateField doesn't fire CHANGE event when using date picker
    • [EXTGWT-2163] - ColumnHeader columns context menu not rendering header as HTML
    • [EXTGWT-2175] - PromptMessageBox & setFocusWidget
    • [EXTGWT-2195] - HtmlEditor component getValue() doesn't return the right value
    • [EXTGWT-2213] - [GXT 3.0] TextButtonCell with menu not fully working when in a Grid
    • [EXTGWT-2215] - Windows : Dialog: Text in the message box is truncated upon on click on Simple button multiple times
    • [EXTGWT-2220] - Radio#getValue() always returns true?
    • [EXTGWT-2232] - Forms : Forms Example : Tool tip icons are displaying inside the fields.
    • [EXTGWT-2237] - Windows : MessageBox : Unable to resize the dialog box with it's resizable options.
    • [EXTGWT-2244] - Templates and Lists: Datecell ListView: Calender not updated according the changed date
    • [EXTGWT-2250] - Grid.mask(String) sometimes does not show message.
    • [EXTGWT-2254] - Tree Grid : Editable Tree Grid : Red flag is displaying without editing the cell
    • [EXTGWT-2255] - Grid -> Basic UiBinder Grid: IE6 crashes when trying to access Basic UiBinder Grid.
    • [EXTGWT-2257] - Button : Buttons : The Button sub menu is not moving with corresponding button when the panel is scrolled up and down with mouse wheel
    • [EXTGWT-2258] - Grid : Inline Editable Grid: Not able to change, check box status under Indoor column in IE 9
    • [EXTGWT-2260] - Drag and Drop : List to List: Not able to select and drag and all elements at once, and last two elements are left out in a particular scenario
    • [EXTGWT-2266] - DateCell ListView : Tab is not moving to next field in sequence, after selecting date from any date picker
    • [EXTGWT-2277] - Binding : List Property Binding : Displaying script error upon editing the fields for the second time.
    • [EXTGWT-2282] - Grid: Live Grid: UI is disturbed on scrolling the grid down.
    • [EXTGWT-2293] - no tool tip on paging tool bar button
    • [EXTGWT-2302] - Unable to create custom Mask appearance
    • [EXTGWT-2303] - Unable to listen for SplitButton's ArrowSelect events
    • [EXTGWT-2313] - ToolBar invisible in TabPanel
    • [EXTGWT-2319] - Row Editable Grid Date submitted with invalid value previous date is displayed,however when try to edit again invalid date is displayed
    • [EXTGWT-2330] - Binding : Basic Binding(Ui Binder)| - Displaying error when click on Save button in a specific scenario.
    • [EXTGWT-2336] - Charts: Filter Chart :The filter chart data get reloaded even the X max or Y max values are empty
    • [EXTGWT-2337] - Canceling a drop event is not working
    • [EXTGWT-2360] - Binding : RequestFactory Binding : "Root" tree structure is not displaying .
    • [EXTGWT-2371] - Templates & Lists : Advanced ListView: No data is displaying inside the "Advanced List view" example.
    • [EXTGWT-2381] - In IE6-9, validation in Row Editor is carried over when row changes
    • [EXTGWT-2390] - Forms :Forms Example(UiBinder): Vertical Scroll bar is not displayed for the Description text area under Simple Form
    • [EXTGWT-2400] - CheckBoxCell is taller than ordinary text cells
    • [EXTGWT-2406] - 3.0.2: Grid.setAllowTextSelection(true) not working?
    • [EXTGWT-2410] - ListView bug with index onRecordChange
    • [EXTGWT-2412] - Need to turn off the tooltip on Slider
    • [EXTGWT-2425] - DateFilter setMaxDate and setMinDate don't seem to be working
    • [EXTGWT-2427] - ComboBox does not accept null value on enter key
    • [EXTGWT-2428] - Binding : List Property Binding : Displaying error while trying to save the page by removing existing data in Income field
    • [EXTGWT-2429] - Charts : Filter chart : Y-Max and X-Max captions are not displaying in Single Line in Safari
    • [EXTGWT-2430] - Trees can have "unsynchronized" TreeStores ->NullPointers
    • [EXTGWT-2431] - Cell vs. InputField - setCursorPos
    • [EXTGWT-2437] - Analyze use of when-type-assignable and replace with when-type-is if appropriate
    • [EXTGWT-2438] - IE8: Focus issues when clicking between cells quickly
    • [EXTGWT-2454] - (GXT 3.0.1 GA) AbstractHtmlLayoutContainer Add Widget By Id Fails
    • [EXTGWT-2455] - On cancelling BeofreLoadEvent, paging toolbar buttons are not working.
    • [EXTGWT-2471] - Drag and Drop Tree to Tree example: Folder and Nodes are not inserting properly when Insert option is selected
    • [EXTGWT-2477] - Possible ModalPanel bug?
    • [EXTGWT-2480] - Issue with PieChart rendering as straight line
    • [EXTGWT-2484] - Unable to use GXT 3 WindowManager with 2.2.5 Windows
    • [EXTGWT-2490] - BlueTabPanelBottomAppearance - exception on tab scroll
    • [EXTGWT-2492] - FramedPanel is not reloading properly with expected look/alignment in PlainTabPanel
    • [EXTGWT-2499] - DateField does not accept the date same as minimum date.
    • [EXTGWT-2502] - DateField triggers in cellgrid get stuck focused
    • [EXTGWT-2503] - Multiple combo box cells remain focused when clicking triggers
    • [EXTGWT-2513] - HBoxLayoutContainer bug with ToogleButton's which overflow
    • [EXTGWT-2515] - UiBinder examples have inconsistent titles.
    • [EXTGWT-2518] - Forms Forms Example The error icons is showing inside the mandatory field
    • [EXTGWT-2522] - IE7 shows focus errors in Inline Editable Grid
    • [EXTGWT-2524] - Grid with GridInlineEditing does not update SummaryColumn
    • [EXTGWT-2527] - Grid row hover appearantly broken with TextButtonCell
    • [EXTGWT-2529] - setFocusWidget fails to set focus under some circumstances
    • [EXTGWT-2530] - ComboBox drop down list does not display ellipsis on text overflow
    • [EXTGWT-2534] - Scrolling menu is not navigable by keyboard
    • [EXTGWT-2538] - TimeField doesn't work in IE8,9 because of caret position
    • [EXTGWT-2542] - Tab key navigation doesn't work after field modification in IE
    • [EXTGWT-2543] - ListView with SelectionMode.MULTI (default) doesn't fire BeforeSelectionEvent
    • [EXTGWT-2546] - Window ModalPanel doesn't resize to fill background when browser is resized
    • [EXTGWT-2547] - IE combobox / datefield width error (width: -25px invalid)
    • [EXTGWT-2553] - WebKit CellGrid combo cells not blurring when clicking trigger in different row same column
    • [EXTGWT-2554] - AssertionError on ListStore.addAll() when sorted and filtered
    • [EXTGWT-2556] - Live GroupSummary doesn't allow selecting another row in the same group
    • [EXTGWT-2557] - Tooltip for diabled buttons.
    • [EXTGWT-2562] - HtmlEditor ColorMenu does not hide on selection and focus not moved to back to editor
    • [EXTGWT-2565] - ToolTip with top aligned anchor not implemented
    • [EXTGWT-2567] - Memory leak in ScriptTagProxy
    • [EXTGWT-2568] - Remove all classes from test module except Test
    • [EXTGWT-2573] - Layer shadow with DROP position not sized and positioned correctly
    • [EXTGWT-2574] - Component shadow position not configurable
    • [EXTGWT-2575] - Binding Basic Binding (Uibinder) Throws an exception error while trying to Save without making any changes in the page using Tab key
    • [EXTGWT-2579] - Resizable position off by 2px for IE 6/7/8
    • [EXTGWT-2591] - Dropdown for ComboBox in grid shows up at 0,0 coordinate
    • [EXTGWT-2592] - Default focus on dialog open
    • [EXTGWT-2594] - Charts Filter Chart Reload data button is enabled and Chart is displaying with invalid data
    • [EXTGWT-2611] - Forms Forms Example Text fields are shrinking and not resetting its size after entering valid data
    • [EXTGWT-2612] - Binding Basic Binding No gap is maintained between each text field in Binding examples after refreshing the browser from the Dashboard chart
    • [EXTGWT-2613] - Charts Filter Chart Chart is overlapping in a particular scenario
    • [EXTGWT-2616] - Grids Basic Grid When Columns are unchecked in Basic Grid (UIbinder) example and browser refresh is pressed columns in Basic Grid also get effected and vise-versa
    • [EXTGWT-2626] - ComboBox does not scroll selected item into view when expanding
    • [EXTGWT-2637] - Grid-Inline Editable Grid Cells are displaying blank after selecting any date and scroll down the page using Vertical scroll bar
    • [EXTGWT-2639] - ListView constructor creates default appearance using new
    • [EXTGWT-2640] - Scrolling Menu does not scroll with mouse scroll
    • [EXTGWT-2642] - Tree Grid Editable Tree Grid Editable text field is displaying at a wrong location after clicking on the nodes
    • [EXTGWT-2651] - Grid with ComboBox and one Row can fail to display drop-down.
    • [EXTGWT-2662] - ListView Simple selection model does not deselect clicking selected item
    • [EXTGWT-2667] - DatePicker does not show current value in drop down (uses the field value)
    • [EXTGWT-1812] - Multiple potential issues with GroupSummaryView
    • [EXTGWT-2314] - FormPanel.setLabelWidth(int) has no effect

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    I upgraded my project o GXT 3.0.3 downloading the release zip file from my support account but my Maven project build fails because the parent dependency it is not found:


    It looks like the parent POM it is not published to the commercial repo nor included in the release zip file. This makes impossible for me even to install "gxt-3.0.3.jar" manually to my local Maven repository as the dependency with the parent cannot be resolved.

    Please, can you provide a solution for this?

    Thanks so much

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    If you are using Maven and have a support subscription, have you tried to just load it from our Maven Repository? Its true that the parent pom isn't present in the zip, but it never has been, and we don't intend to add it - if you use Maven, then our server has the same code, but with all necessary metadata.

    Check out the comments and instructions made in the following posts for more discussions on using our Maven repository to use support-only artifacts:

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    When will gxt 3.0.3 GPL ?

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    The policy on releases is that each release is available for either commercial or gpl, but for any release not ending in .0 or .1, it will only be available to support subscribers. All fixes that have made it into these support-only releases will be available without support when 3.1.0 is released later this year.

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