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Thread: Packaging error in Windows XP

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    Default Packaging error in Windows XP


    I'm a bit at my wit's end trying to figure out an error when packaging a native Android app and looking for ideas on where to look for a solution.

    Building my ST2.1 app with "sencha app build -e production" and "sencha app build -e native" runs without errors. When doing the "sencha package build packager.json" I get the below error which I am unable to move beyond:
    C:\GrassCupCode\GolfCard>sencha package build packager.json
    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250
    Created project directory: C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\src\com\grasscup\GolfCard
    Added file C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\src\com\grasscup\GolfCard\
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\bin
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\libs
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\values
    Added file C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\values\strings.xml
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\layout
    Added file C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\layout\main.xml
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\drawable-hdpi
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\drawable-mdpi
    Created directory C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\res\drawable-ldpi
    Added file C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\AndroidManifest.xml
    Added file C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\build.xml
    Added file C:\GrassCupCode\build\Android2\proguard-project.txt
    'C:\Documents' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    ""C:/adt-bundle-windows-x86/sdk\tools\android" create project --target android-15 --name GolfCard --activity STActivity --path "../build/Android2\/" --package com.grasscup.GolfCard"
    Could not run ant with error: 1
    At first glance it looks like something wants to execute something in my "C:/Documents and Settings" path, but chokes on the space. I do not however have anything worthwhile in this path. I have both the Android SDK and Sencha command folders outside here and have no environment variables pointing here. Does anyone perhaps have a theory on what it might be or how to get more verbose output?

    Environment Info:
    Windows XP
    Sencha touch 2.1-commercial
    Sencha command version
    Android SDK tools rev 21

    My packager.json file
    {  "applicationName":"GolfCard",
      "icon": {
      "orientations": [

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    Default packing error

    Have you ever been able to find out why was that error coming up?
    I have the same behavior only with all building options!!!

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