I build an iOS app this way with ST2.1.0 and cmd :

0. deleted some unuse modules in scss
1. Running on a server : no error
2. Build testing : no error
3. Build package : no error
4. sencha package build ios.json with the packaged application

{"applicationName":"Myapp 2013",
"bundleSeedId": "Tfdzdfsdfsdf",
"icon": {
* @cfg {String} platform
* @required
* This is the platform where you will be running your application. Available options are:
* - iOSSimulator
* - iOS
* - Android
* - AndroidEmulator
"certificatePath": "D:/Application/keys/IOS/Certificates.p12",
"certificateAlias":"Gandalf the Grey",
//"sdkPath":"c:/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-sdk",
"orientations": [
I have not so much things in my app (navview, carousel, nested list), the app is horrbile slow on iOS (iphone 4s iOS 6 very very slow, ipad 5 ios6 : very slow) comparing to webapp on safari on the same platform.

Building for android produces a way more responsive application.

Did I something wrong ?Any hint to speed up the native app on iOS ? Is it because of the debug configuration ?