I have a EXTJS grid panel and am dynamically creating the extjs combo box from java as below :
editorObject.put(XTYPE, COMBO);
editorObject.put(DISPLAY_FIELD, "displayField");
editorObject.put(VALUE_FIELD, "displayField");
editorObject.put(TYPE_AHEAD, true);
editorObject.put(MODE, "local");
editorObject.put(TRIGGER_ACTION, ALL);
editorObject.put(SELECTION_ON_FOCUS, true);
editorObject.put(STORE, storeObject);
editorObject.put("lazyRender", true);
editorObject.put("listClass", "x-combo-list-small");
columnModel.put("renderer", "comboColumnRenderer");
columnModel.put(EDITOR, editorObject);
and have a comboColumnRenderer() function on extjs to show the display field while loading the grid panel

Ext.util.Format.comboColumnRenderer = function(value, metaData, record, row, col, store,gridView) {
var combo = gridView.panel.columns[col].getEditor(record,null);
if(combo) {
var comboRecord = combo.findRecordByValue(value);
var columnname = record.data[col];
var columnCount = adminGrid.columns.length;
for(var i=0; i<columnCount;i++){
var editor = adminGrid.columns[i].getEditor(record,null);
var editorType = (editor)?editor.xtype:'';
if(editorType === 'combobox' && adminGrid.columns[col].id === adminGrid.columns[i].id) {
var matchrec =editor.store.findRecord('valueField',value);
if(matchrec != null) {
var disp = matchrec.get("displayField");
return disp
} else {
return value;

But my problem is when i click on the combo box editor, it is showing the key or the value field , instead of the display field. Please verify and let me know where I am wrong