GXT 3.0.3
Internet Explorer 8
Windows 7, 64 bit
Developer Mode and Production Mode of GWT
We did not have this issue with GXT 3.0.2

I have a scenario where it requires multiple clicks to get a drop-down to appear in a combo box. It is a rather specific scenario and matches one of our application scenarios. I am hoping a fix/workaround to this scenario would address all of our application scenarios. In our application if we enter text in a text field (in a grid) it will not take on the first edit (gets blanked out).

In this example type ahead in the combo box a color (I just have a few, so type in "black") and then select the enter key. If the type ahead shows black you would need to type the enter key twice (once for the combo box select and one for the enter event to trigger the action that will render "Panel B".

Now if you are in panel B you can try a few things. Once things work, however, you will have to reload app and try the other scenario.

Test 1: Try to hit the drop-down of the combo box. It will take 2 clicks to bring up the drop-down. On Panel A, the combo box only needs 1 click to make the drop down visible.

Test 2: Try to edit the color column in the grid (one click to render the combo box and the second click to bring down the drop-down). It will take multiple clicks to bring up the drop-down and instead of just not working it will also disappear as you click.

Also, the drop-down will flash to the 0,0 coordinate (sometimes) as you are clicking on the arrow to try to make it render.


I tested this against Chrome 25 and it seems to behave fine from there. However, our application had issues when I tested it against Chrome 25. So this concerns me.