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Thread: Represent Files/Folders with TreeStore

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    Default Represent Files/Folders with TreeStore

    Hi all, I'm using a TreeStore to represent a file/folders structure from a server. I guess the TreeStore uses the NodeInterface object to show each element.

    I know there's a leaf property to represent parents (which can be folders) and final elements (let's say files within a directory).

    My problem is:
    If I create a folder a need to view it as a folder in the TreeStore so I need to set the leaf property as false but if the folder is empty then everything crashes. I don't know if having leaf = false forces to read children elements. I've tried by leaving the children property as null or empty array but no positive results.

    If the folder is new then it's 'almost' sure it will be empty so I need it not to be leaf and painted as parent without trying to look for children elements.

    Is it possible to change (and where/how) which property should my app use to determine

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    So if you have children : [] it will still look for children when you expand?
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