@slick84 - I haven't noticed any huge bloat when wrapping with PhoneGap. Based on some tests I just ran, the sample app wrapped in PhoneGap and Sencha native packaging has some key differences. The resulting size of the PhoneGap-wrapped app is 684KB. The resulting size of the Sencha native packaged app is 17.2MB. Big difference there, not sure where it comes from. I will say also that the Sencha native packaged app isn't unusable. It is the sample app so take that for what it is. There are plenty of other ways we can make our apps unusable

@karensilkwood - I'm glad you got everything up and running! I am interested in supporting other platforms. I will have to make sure all else is stable first but if I had my choice, I'd try out Windows 8 first. I was a .NET developer for a while and like the platform.

@JRS - Yeah, the screencast is now outdated based on some recent updates. I will update that screencast by early next week, sorry for the confusion. Building both together should work in your case since it's basically calling those two separate targets together. You wrote in your post build-cordova-all. The target name to be used should be -build-cordova-all. Could you confirm this is what you implemented? Sounds silly, just wanted to double-check. If that doesn't work, please post your build.xml file and cordova.properties file for a quick inspection.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and help.