The builder has been tested successfully up to PhoneGap 2.3. I'm not seeing where the bin directories have been moved in 2.3. Even in the most recent 2.4 release candidate code, the bin directories are where they should be. Check out this link to the phonegap github repo which shows the scripts in the android directory like all the other versions:

I will say however that as of 2.3 I did make a change to how the cordova javascript file is picked up and moved to the sencha app. Before, it was handled by relying on a location of a standard template or example project in each phonegap platform directory. This did change in 2.3. When the project is first created, that cordova library is created in the root of the app with the name of cordova-{version}.js where {version} is the version of phonegap. Perhaps this is the change you're referring to? If your version of the file build-cordova-android.xml does NOT contain this snippet:

      <script language="javascript">
         var versionFile   = new'cordova.lib') + '/VERSION');
         var versionString =;
         var regex = "\\n";
         versionString = versionString.replaceAll(regex, "");
         project.setProperty('cordova.lib.version', versionString);

      <property name="" value="${}/cordova-${cordova.lib.version}.js" />
Then you should go out and get the latest version of the builder here:

As far as the -init-android-internal target not being called, it's probably because you have the _android.built and/or _android.deploy files in the root of your sencha app. Those need to be deleted before every build for it to run again. If you don't want to do that manually or make your own script, I ship a proxy to the sencha command that will do it for you.

Sorry this is flood of info coming at you here. If this doesn't answer your questions, please post your file so I can take a look.

Again, thanks for using the project.