Hi all,

Thanks for the 4.2.0 beta release.

I have seen that id management has undergone significant changes compared to 4.1 version. It is not that I am against any improvement over the releases, on the contrary. But honestly, I cannot remember how many time such a fundamental feature has changed over time since the first release of the Ext 4 family.

What I would wish - before the final release of 4.2 - is a clear and well thought-through documentation on data.Model id generation (model.internalId, model.id, model.data.id) and the implication it has on other properties of the model (phantom in particular).

I know I can get this from the code itself, but I hope 4.2 is mature enough to make us developer feel confident that 4.3 and beyond will not yet again handle core features like this one in a different way.