Hi All,

In GWT 2.2.0, I am facing an issue with French special characters when I am placing the French labels as it is i.e., I am getting diamond symbol instead of exact character in the browser.

I have gone through the tutorials and find a solution for this problem.i.e., replacing the French special characters with the below mentioned Gwt special character correspondly.

-> è , -> é, -> ê, -> ô, ->

But it is NOT working for some labels. For those labels, Gwt special characters are converting to hash code as in the below example.

EX: Détail du regroupement -> D\u00C3\u00A8tail du regroupement

Because of the hash code generation, now the label is displaying as "Détail du regroupement" value instead of "Dtail du regroupement".

Could any one help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks In Advance,
Madhusudhan T