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Thread: What about Ext.Draw in 4.2?

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    Default What about Ext.Draw in 4.2?


    1. Sorry if it's not the correct place to ask, I'm relatively new to ExtJS
    2. Does anybody knows if new features will be in Ext.Draw compared to 4.1.x ? I took a look at the beta and I haven't seen anything new. May I be wrong?
    3. Some of the features I'm thinking about, and probably requested or wished by community:
    • CompositeSprite: would need for transformations at the group level, to be opposed to the ones done for individual sprites in a CompositeSprite, and generating issues in the drawing and transformations of CompositeSprites.
    • setAttributes({translate: { ... }}): would need a relative translation. As of now, they are done in Absolute as a reference. I'm thinking of the possibility to add a keyword to translate like that for example:
      translate: {
      reference: 'relative', // or can be 'absolute'
      x: 50,
      y: 20
    • setAttributes({scale: { ... }}): would need a fixed scale for ellipses: not only the radius have to be scaled in a CompositeSprite for example, put also ellipse position should "follow" and being scaled accordingly.
    • would need support for multiple stacked translations for the same Sprite or CompositeSprite. For the aficionados of POV-Ray for instance, would need to have something like:
      myShape = new Ext.draw.Sprite({
      type: 'ellipse',
      x: 10,
      y: 10,
      radiusX: 12.5,
      radiusY: 13,
      translate: {
      reference: 'absolute',
      x: 50,
      y: 0
      rotate: {
      x: 0,
      y: 0,
      degrees: -90
      translate: {
      reference: 'relative',
      x: 0,
      y: 100
      scale: {
      x: 2,
      y: 2
      translate: {
      reference: 'relative',
      x: 20,
      y: 10
      rotate: {
    • of course, would also need that transformations applied to CompositeSprite do not interfere with the ones of inside Sprites. A way to make them independent of each other. When rendering the final drawing, the order of precedence would be Sprite transformations -> CompositeSprite transformations, knowing all of them are "cumulative".

    I know, I'm a noob asking probably a lot and some will answer me a kind of "Why you don't implement those wonderful features yourselves?"

    I would like too, but I'm also a noob in javaScript coding :-D I'm looking at the source code in the draw directory since one hour and that is making me afraid :-X

    Anyway ExtJS is the best framework I ever never seen and that's a pleasure to use it!

    Really great job guys!

    Best regards.
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