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Thread: extjs4.1.1:The Tooltip is having an issue with chrome browser

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    Default extjs4.1.1:The Tooltip is having an issue with chrome browser

    I have a tooltip create function which shows an image and it's filename in it's tip content.The tooltip create function is as follows,

    this.imageTip = Ext.create('Ext.tip.ToolTip', {
    target : this.el,
    maxWidth : 400,
    html : '<img src="http://localhost/images/img1.jpg?dc=1355817306373"/><br/><b>File Name</b>: img1.jpg',
    listeners : {
    beforeshow : function(component, options) {
    component.update('<img src="http://localhost/images/img1.jpg?dc=1355817306373"/><br/><b>File Name</b>: img1.jpg');
    scope : this
    The Tooltip is having an issue with chrome browser.Sometimes it shows an emptybox,Sometimes it returns a partial view of the image and in other cases it works perfectly fine.The issue exists only in chrome browser.Someone please help me to fix this issue in chrome

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    A Tooltip does simple, dynamic sizing based on its HTML content; however, images are an unknown quantity and you're aren't specifically declaring any sizing in your <img> tags either.

    As a test, try declaring a fixed size for your Tooltips and see if the sizing behavior is normalized across browsers.

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