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Thread: Text selection IOS

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    Default Text selection IOS

    So my issue is that only some text is selectable on IOS including tablets and phones/ipods.
    myPanel.add(Ext.create('Ext.Label', { cls: 'userSelectable',
    flex: 1,
    style: 'font-size:1.2em;',
    margin:'3 0 0 3'
    Where myPanel is a 'panel', userSelectable is defined:
    .userSelectable{ .x-innerhtml {
    -webkit-touch-callout: auto;
    -webkit-user-drag: auto;
    -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgb(6, 69, 173);
    -webkit-user-select: auto !important;
    -moz-user-select: auto !important;
    -ms-user-select: auto !important;
    -khtml-user-select: auto !important;
    user-select: auto !important;
    It's overkill, I was trying to factor out any holes. On desktop browsers all the text is selectable and copy/paste. On Android default browser(Samsung, Android v 4.0.3, Model GT-I9100) the text is selectable and copy/paste. On Apple safari desktop, it is selectable. IOS 6, the text is selectable only if the element's, label in this case, height is 108px or greater. Under that size it is not selectable or copy/paste. through IWebInspector I see that the css class is still applied. The HTML:title is plain text. Any suggestions or fixes would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    The reason we disable text selection is due to the scroller and things acting weird when you hold down and try to scroll.
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