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    Default TextField Grid Cell Editor not cleared when Esc key pressed

    In the Editable Grid Example of the Sencha GXT Explorer Demos, do the following:
    1. clear out the first two entries in the Name column, making them empty
    2. after both fields are empty and marked as dirty, activate the editor in one of the empty fields
    3. type the value 'text'
    4. hit the Esc key (the editor is hidden, edits are cancelled)
    5. click the mouse in the other empty field to activate the editor
    6. verify the string 'text' is still in the editor
    7. click in the original empty field
    8. the string 'text' is still in the editor
    This happens for TextField and TriggerField editors. The cancelEdit action should clear the text in editor, which is probably still there due to the difference in how the "value" and the "text" of the field are set.

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    Its actually a long time since the issue is logged here. Currently even i am facing this issue. Perhaps someone from sencha team can enlighten us on this.

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