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Thread: how to deal the store for a Grid.

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    Default how to deal the store for a Grid.

    hi All,

    I am new to ext4.x, and currently I use the MVC structure of extjs ,and I used the associations in the model, then the issue is how to retrieve the associations data by using store?

    Ext.define('CAS.reportingAdmin.model.Report', {

    fields: [
    'reportName', 'enabled', 'executable', 'description', 'configured',
    'clientMetadata', 'displayGroupCode',
    'inconsistentWithSourceSystem', 'reportId',
    associations: [
    type: 'hasMany',
    model: 'CAS.reportingAdmin.model.ReportParameter',
    name: 'reportParameters',
    instanceName: 'reportParameter'

    proxy: Ext.create('CAS.reportingAdminTest.proxies.ReportFileAjaxProxy')

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: 'CAS.reportingAdmin.model.Report',
    autoLoad: true,
    autoSync: true,

    constructor: function (cfg) {
    cfg = cfg || {};
    return this.callParent([

    model: "CAS.reportingAdmin.model.Report",
    proxy: this.reportsProxy,
    listeners: {
    'load': function (store, records, options) {'Start reportStore loaded');'End reportStore loaded');
    }, cfg)]);

    then VIEW:
    Ext.define('CAS.reportingAdmin.view.parameter.ReportParameter', {
    extend : 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias : 'widget.reportparameter',
    title : 'Parameter List',

    initComponent : function() {
    store : 'Reports', columns : [{
    text : "Name",
    flex : 1,
    dataIndex :'name',
    groupable : false

    }, {
    text : "Hidden",
    flex : 1,
    dataIndex : 'required',
    groupable : false

    }, {
    text : "Enabled",
    flex : 1,
    dataIndex : 'reportParameter.',
    groupable : false


    so in the view level , I can get the report store correctly, but that's not I want to display , actually I only want to display the reportParameter (which is the association part of report), so I need to parse the retrieved store and only get the parameter content of the store data and then display to the page, so how to this action?

    thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like you aren't wanting to use associations. You could use mapping config in the field of the model to grab nested data and make it available to the top level record.
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    thanks, you r correct, if don't want to use association, mapping config in the model can be a good a good approach.

    and here is my current solution, maybe help for new comer:
    in this situation , we can parse store

    var index = this.getStore().findExact('name',paraName);
    var record= this.getStore().getAt(index);

    and many ways to parse store, and this is just one of them.


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