I have a situation where I have a slaveStore (ie. a masterStore controls its content) attached to a combobox. The displayValue is set to the Model's name. When the store is updated (from a master store update), and the current selected Model has it's name updated, the ComboBox is not having its text field updated with the value from the store update (there is no selection occuring here)

Through debugging, I see there is a field lastSelection on the ComboBox which appears to give me the pre-modified model (first item in the array) which I can use to get the latest model from the store and call select(). This works, but I don't like the fact I am using an unsanctioned/documented property. Is there any other way to get the current selected Model of the ComboBox? getRawValue() and getValue() and getModelData() all return the name shown of the text field and not the model itself. There doesn't seem to be a selectionModel which I would have expected.

Is there another way?