Dear all,
We have developed the internet application by using the GXT 2.2.5 and GWT 2.4.0 versions. In our code we didn't include the cachecontrol-nocache/pragma-nocahce/expires-0 in our initial loading JSP page.

All the static/dynamic components are successfully loading in the IPAD (OS 6.0) in the first time of loading the initial page.
But in the next time if we are going with the different username and credentials then IPAD automatically loading the first time entered the username details alone not the second user details. Means that, it is not expires the old contents. But this problem we didn't face in any other browsers including SAFARI(Windows version). If you have any idea to solve this problem please let me know. It is very helpful for us.

Or if we are going to include the cachecontrol/pragma-nocache/expires-0 line in the initial JSP file then this problem wouldn't occur in the IPAD 6.0 version. Please confirm. ( But we will put these lines when the browser version is IPAD)