This release fixes an issue with "sencha app upgrade" for themes in Ext JS apps. If you have a 3.0.0 app, then the "sencha app upgrade" command should now work properly.

Note on 3.0.1 - The main problem in 3.0.1 was in upgrading themes to the new structure but also there was a ".res" temporary folder that got published to the build folder instead of the "resources" folder. We have pulled 3.0.1 and replaced it with 3.0.2. Apologies for any hassle there.

You can find the download links here:

I have also started a thread on the new themes structure for Ext JS apps for discussion on that topic specifically. See here:

The general release notes for Cmd 3.0.1 are still relevant for those upgrading from 3.0.0 -