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Thread: How do you upgrade a Sencha 2.0 app to 2.1?

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    Default Answered: How do you upgrade a Sencha 2.0 app to 2.1?

    I have tried upgrading my Sencha 2.0 app to 2.1. I downloaded the Sencha 3.0 sdk tools and Sencha 2.1 sdk. The 'sencha' command is working properly. The error I am getting when I try to do an upgrade on my 2.0 application is this:

    [ERR] Please ensure this command was executed from a valid directory
    [ERR] Unable to locate app.dir config property from sencha.cfg

  2. i had the same issue couple weeks ago.
    1. remove the sencha sdk and only install sencha 3.0 cmd.
    2. check if sencha is command is working so far
    3. create a sencha app using sencha 3.0 cmd.
    4. copy files from your old sencha app to new sencha app

    Note. As far as I remember, I had to copy files/directory one by one. After every copy I checked to see if my new app was still working. there are few differences in index.html and few other files.

    I think there is an upgrade / update command but I ended up going the long way.

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