Is there an easy way to force 2 decimal places to always show in a Number Field or any other component in Architect? If I set the decimalPrecision to 2 it does not display 2 decimals for numbers like 0 or 1.5. I want all numbers to always show 2 decimals and display as 0.00 and 1.50.

I have looked at these 2 forum posts but they do not work very well in Sencha Architect.

To give you more details, I am creating a simple order and customer history form and have several numeric fields that need to display as a currency amount. Right now it looks odd to see the numbers with various decimal place lengths.

Here is an example of how it currently looks setting the Number Field's decimalPrecision to 2.

Order Total: 153.1
Shipping: 25
Sales Tax: 12.7
Subtotal: 190.8

However, what I need is this.

Order Total: 153.10
Shipping: 25.00
Sales Tax: 12.70
Subtotal: 190.80

It seems so simple and standard that I cannot believe this feature does not exist in Architect. Am I missing something in the Config?