Am I missing something or the Ext direct API is not implemented in the form yet? I developped a complete ExtJS 4.1 application using Ext direct API for all my Form and Grid using CRUD in the grid and Load and Submit in the form.

For example :
Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    api: {
    paramsAsHash: true
This doesn't seems to work into sencha touch. Since I've create a formHandler for the function I want to call how can I call this function directly?

I've tried to do this without any luck because the function configureFormRequest doesn't exist:
Progik.direct['core.authentication'].login(myform, function(response) {
}, myscope);
The only other way I'm currently thinking about is to use Ext.Ajax to call my Ext Direct Router with the correct parametters... Is there any other ways?