I am loading a list from the store which is getting data from a search engine in JSON format.

To the list, I have implemented the "ListPaging" plugin and the pagination is working fine.
It appropriately increments the "start" attribute to get the right data.

I am having a problem, if I am trying to reuse and reload the list with another set of data. As I want to reset the "start" property to 0. The store data gets cleared appropriately, but I am not able to clear the proxy data.
How do I approach this? has the clear api depricated for the proxy?

this following code is there in my controller.
var store = Ext.StoreManager.get('Projects');
store.data.clear(); // this works fine
store.getProxy().clear(); // Gives me the error "Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'clear'"
store.getProxy().setExtraParam('start', '0'); // this sets it at 0, but then the ListPaging stops working and the 'start' value does not increment any more.


Thank you for your help.