I have a small WebApp I created using Sencha Touch 2.0.1.

I'm using a Manifest file to update the users device.

While the updates are working perfectly on my iPhone the Android device will not update.
I load my new App to the server and the iPhone displays the "New version available ..." message and update the application but the Android device displays the old version and does not display the message.

I tried to:
* Delete and reopen it on the browser.
* Delete the phone's Cash and reload it.
* Delete the App from the home screen and reinstall

nothing seams to makesAndroid update the App

Anyone has an idea why that mite happen ?

I'm using Sencha Touch 2.0.1
I'm building it by "sencha app build production"
And my manifest is a PHP file :

header('Content-Type: text/cache-manifest');


$hashes = "";

$dir = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator(".");
foreach(new RecursiveIteratorIterator($dir) as $file) {
    if ($file->IsFile() && $file != "./manifest.php" && substr($file->getFilename(), 0, 1) != "."){
        echo $file . "\n";
        $hashes .= md5_file($file);
echo "# Hash: " . md5($hashes) . "\n";

echo "\n";
echo "FALLBACK:\n";

echo "\n";
echo "NETWORK:\n";
echo "*";