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Thread: Overriding TitleBar/Toolbar default heights

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    Default Answered: Overriding TitleBar/Toolbar default heights

    I noticed the following in the release notes for Sencha Touch 2.1.0-b2: "TitleBar/Toolbar now have default height instead of pure CSS." A couple questions:

    • Why was the decision made to hard-code the TitleBar.height and Toolbar.minHeight?
    • Is there a way to override these default values on a project-wide basis?

    Our software was written in Touch 2.0.x and overrode .x-toolbar for a fixed height of 2.2em unfortunately there's no way to override the default 2.6em height from within the stylesheet. I understand we could set this value whenever we instantiate TitleBar or Toolbar, but it gets hairy with controls such as NestedList.

    Any guidance/insight would be much appreciated!

  2. Code:
    Ext.define('Override.Toolbar', {
        override : 'Ext.Toolbar',
        config : {
            minHeight : '2.2em'
    Ext.define('Override.TitleBar', {
        override : 'Ext.TitleBar',
        config : {
            height : '2.2em'

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