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Thread: Idea for Architect interface....

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    Default Idea for Architect interface....


    I generally think Architect is a very well designed application (even if a few bugs remain, like not remembering the layout e.g. iPad if you open up a past project). But I had an idea that I thought would help people understand controllers a bit better.....I'm getting there slowly understand the relationship between refs and controllers etc. but it would be good if the program could help you a little bit with that.

    In Adobe Encore (the DVD authoring application) it has a cool feature whereby you can choose from items in the inspector, e.g. a menu and drag a virtual 'wire' from there to items on the menu in the main preview screen i.e. buttons. and it does the rest.

    I thought it would be great if Architect could give you a little headstart when it comes to adding basic controller code, if you could drag say a button from your interface directly onto an item in the inspector, like an panel and it would create the reference for you.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. We already have some similar ideas on how we can improve building references in controllers directly from the design view.
    Aaron Conran

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