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Thread: Docs appalling - how to actually get started?

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    Default Answered: Docs appalling - how to actually get started?

    Trying to get up and running with Touch has been a terrible experience. The quick start applies to 1.x:

    The getting started page gives confusing (and conflicting?) information and requires the SDK Tools:

    SDK Tools don't work (incorrect directory error), which apparently is because we require CMD (only discovered through Googling the SDK error message):

    ...which links to a page which links to a post which links to the docs which says I need JRE and Compass...

    Seriously? Just to get started?

    I just want to be able to do a quick 'Hello World' and I'm tearing my hair out because I don't even know if I'm following the right install instructions.

    So is there an up-to-date guide? Can I get a bullet list?

  2. You will need:

    Sencha Touch 2.1
    This is the actual framework and can be downloaded here:

    Sencha Cmd 3.0
    This is the system used to generate and build your Sencha Touch 2.1 apps. You can get that here:

    There are some supporting tools that will need to exist on your system:
    • Ruby - Use this to install SASS and Compass if not already on your machine. If you're on Windows, you'll need to download Ruby. If you're on a Mac, it's already there.
    • SASS - Manages the styles/theming of Sencha Touch, install this using Ruby
    • Compass - Based on SASS, install this using Ruby
    • JRE - Java is required for the Sencha Cmd
    • Ant - Sencha Cmd is based on Ant
    • A web server running locally for testing
    • A modern browser to test in such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari
    If you had previously installed the Sencha SDK Tools, I'd recommend uninstalling that first before installing Sencha Cmd as they share the same command 'sencha'.

    Once you have everything installed:
    1. Open a command line
    2. Change directory to the root of your sencha touch 2.1 library
    3. Run the command sencha generate app MyApp [pathToTheApp] where [pathToTheApp] is a path to a web serverable directory. MyApp is the name of the application (it can be whatever you like)
    4. Run the app in your browser.
    That's the 'hello world' app that is auto-generated.

    Try it out, if it fails post a reply with the errors you get or questions you have. There are a good group of people on this forum ready to help.


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