I' just novice in Ext.
My task now is to set checkboxes visible, when no "checked" params in json datafile(see example) setted.
The idea was to use treePanel's "load" event and just write something about
...... treePanel definition......
load: function(node){
if(typeof node.checked != 'undefined'){
node.checked = false;
node.checked = true;
Data in check-tree.json on the first stage stays unchanged
Branches in example will be visible with empty checkboxes
leafs wil be set to checked
IE&Firebug debuggers never stops on breakpoints setted in this code.
all checkboxes in the sampe stays unchecked

What is wrong?! I can't understand? but even "checkchange" listener from example is not calling from debugger, but check boxes are functioning!
Can somebody help me?
if you can FULL code, please
Gteat thanks for All