Since it isn't practical to use Ext4 in Air, and since the Sencha Desktop Packager is beyond the budget for single developers, I have been keeping an eye out for alternatives that can run Ext4. Yes, there is appjs etc and the other Chromium derivatives which may be a possibility. I haven't really explored them.

I have just been looking at JavaFX which has a WebEngine object that can run HTML and JS in a native window. If you go to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/ja...les/index.html then click the Ensemble link it downloads a Java app that shows all the UI controls etc for JavaFX. Now, if you scroll down to bottom of the left nav bar to Web / Web view, you have a browser window into which you can type a URL. So, I ran the ExtJS 4 sample pages and tested various things, all of which worked. (I then tried the Sencha Touch examples and they didnt work, so their browser engine doesn't seem to be compatible for Touch. No big deal, it was just to see.)

Reading the JavaFx API docs it seems that it is possible to access JavaFX objects from the webview javascript and vice versa. So, I imagine that using that would make it possible to access the native OS file system, microphone, video, etc as well as whole applications that can be launched via JavaFX.

I have not yet done any testing beyond the above. Has anyone else? Is this a viable option for desktop ExtJS4 apps?

Of course, the JavaFx UI seems pretty rich and maybe in some instances the app should just be written in JavaFx altogether. My preference at this stage is that I would like to write in Ext for browser based apps, Sencha Touch for mobile (especially once things like model and store configs can be shared between Ext and Touch), and package ExtJS in a desktop app for when I want to use OS components.

Any thoughts?

Have a wonderful 2013,