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Thread: Displaying different value for currency from Integer type

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    Default Displaying different value for currency from Integer type


    I am using integer type for my money type, and would like to display them as (value / 1000) only on display and (value * 1000) upon receiving user input. So user only know if they enter for example 12345.67, but it will be stored and processed internally as 1234560. Also for display, they will also displayed as 12,345.67

    float data type is out to the window. Our number reach around 2 billion. Our currency rates around 9.8K to 10K IDR per 1 USD. So you get the picture know how big our number is. Problem is, we still need that cent part.

    Can we do it on grid level? Or should I do it on model level? How?

    Thank you for helping.

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    The display should take care of this, the model should just hold the data. If you just want to format a number you can use Ext.util.Format.currency(). Otherwise you can create the string yourself.
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