When I took the Fast Track to Ext JS 4 Development class, there was a chapter titled "Going to Production".&nbsp; This of course dealt with creating .jsb files and then using the SDK.&nbsp; Can someone provide me with the new and improved way of going to production using Sencha CMD?<br><br>I am currently running Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250.<br><br>What I have done thus far:<br>1. Created a new application using 'sencha-s c:\ext-4.1.1a generate app AM .'<br>2. Built the app using 'sencha app build'<br><br>I managed to work thru all my circular reference and 'comma' issues and my build appears to finish successfully with all messages being of type [INF].<br><br>However, when I look into the <strong>all-classes.js</strong> file, I see the following: <br>1.&nbsp; <strong>ext-all.js</strong> code starting with [var Ext=Ext||] and ending with [return Ext.ClassManager.get(a)}});]<br>2.&nbsp; followed by my<strong> app.js</strong> file<br>3.&nbsp; followed by [Ext.define("Ext.data.connection", {mixins: {observable.....]<br><br>No where do I see my Ext.define statements for all my classes.<br><br>I did run the sencha app refresh to generate a new bootstrap.js file that looks to contain all my classes and I noticed that this file is referenced in the index.html file.<br><br>What am I missing?&nbsp;&nbsp; Are you all seeing the same using the sencha build tool?