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Thread: Sencha Touch iOS app rejected because of "Data Storage Guidelines"

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    Default Sencha Touch iOS app rejected because of "Data Storage Guidelines"

    The app in which im working has been rejected by apple with the following text:

    We found that your app does not follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines, which is required per the App Store Review Guidelines.

    In particular, we found that on launch and/or content download, your app stores non-user generated data. To check how much data your app is storing:

    - Install and launch your app
    - Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage
    - If necessary, tap "Show all apps"
    - Check your app's storage

    The iOS Data Storage Guidelines indicate that only content that the user creates using your app, e.g., documents, new files, edits, etc., should be backed up by iCloud.

    Temporary files used by your app should only be stored in the /tmp directory; please remember to delete the files stored in this location when the user exits the app.

    Data that can be recreated but must persist for proper functioning of your app - or because customers expect it to be available for offline use - should be marked with the "do not back up" attribute. For NSURL objects, add the NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey attribute to prevent the corresponding file from being backed up. For CFURLRef objects, use the corresponding kCFURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey attribute.
    I am only saving data in localStorage (via Sencha API) for offline viewing of some content. Can it be the problem? How can i solve it? Is there other files that a native sencha app saves that can cause the issue?

    Im using sencha touch 2.1 (without phonegap). min os: 4.3.

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    When it comes to Apple saying no to your app you can challenge it but it's not the easiest road and they are likely to stick to their guns on something like this. I think what they want is for you to retrieve the data at app startup into tmp dir so that it doesn't persist. This policy isn't the nicest as you have a very valid excuse to store data on the device but looks like they aren't wanting you to do so.
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