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Thread: Grid page number not changing after store.load

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    Default Answered: Grid page number not changing after store.load

    Hi Guys,

    I have the following grid:

    createSearchGrid    : function()    {
            var me = this,
            store = me.createStore(),
            columns    = me.createColumns(),
            paging = me.createPaging(store),
            topBar = me.createTopBar(),
            panel = Ext.create("Ext.grid.Panel",{
                title        : "Search",
                id            : "myGrid",
                columns     : columns,
                tbar        : topBar,
                dockedItems :  [paging],
                store       : store
    The top bar looks like this:
    createTopBar    : function(){
            var me = this,
            tbar = [],
            searchField    = {
                xtype        : "textfield",
                id            : "searchField"
            searchBtn    = {
                xtype    : "button",
                text       : "Search"
                handler    : function(){
            tbar.push(searchField, searchBtn);
            return tbar;
    And finally my searchStore function is as follows:
    searchStore    : function(){
            var field = Ext.getCmp("searchField"),
            store = Ext.getCmp("myGrid").getStore(),
            value = field.getValue();
    When I refresh the store it all works fine. It loads with page param set to 1 but when the page number in the grid paging remains whatever it was last. Any ideas?

    I'm using extjs 4.1.3

  2. Never mind. When using the above method and using store.loadPage(1) when performing a search it all works fine. Hope this helps someone else as well, I find this to be pretty handy code.

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