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Thread: Can you help outline a general MVC approach to a simple app?

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    Default Can you help outline a general MVC approach to a simple app?

    I'm new to Sencha, but I thought I'd learn it by creating the following simple "tips and tricks" app. Here's a description of what I'm looking to accomplish:

    The app is basically a collection of 100 or so short tips or tricks, some of which include png files.
    I would like the content to be available offline in a phonegap or webworks packaged hybrid native app.
    The main view ought to allow users to navigate through the 100 or so short tips or tricks by category, tag, and new (as in not previously viewed).
    The tip view involves "next or previous" navigation and a view of the content.
    I'd need to be able to easily and efficiently update the existing short tips and tricks and add new ones.

    Basically, what's preventing me from getting started with the learning process is the data storage. What's the easiest and best way to go about a project like this given that users will not be adding tips and tricks and all I'm really trying to create is a very simple content management system for a Sencha hybrid app?


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    If you want offline viewing then go with localstorage or sqlite. You would have to do an Ajax request to get data from the server for starting and new tips and then add to the store and sync it.
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