I have built a custom Panel, that I have extended from Ext.panel.Panel. I am trying to supply a Store to it via Ext.create.

var dataPanel= Ext.create('src.view.dataTabPanel', {dataTab_storeArg: dataTab_store});

The Store contents (dataTab_store) were loaded before the creation of this new component. Now, when I do this within the initComponent call in my custom Panel, I set store like this:

store: this.dataTab_storeArg

I have looked at the argument (object) with Firebug, and the data looks valid. However, the Panel is not displaying the contents of the Store. Now, I am not sure if I need to supply a requires of the class that contains the Store, following the class definition. Although, I've tried it and hasn't had any effect.

Like this:
Ext.define('src.view.dataTab_displayPanel', {
extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
requires: ['src.store.dataTab_transformStore;], <--- need this??

initComponent: function() {

Is there any sample code out there that explains how to do this? Or is this not possible without using MVC? I am not currently using it.