Hello there,

I have a grid panel with three colums. I would like to set the width of these columns to 50%, 25% and 25%.
I have run a lot of searches, which turned out that all columns width must sum up to 100 and I have to set "forceFit" to true in the GridPanels viewConfig.

Unfortunately, this doesn't do the job.

Could someone please help me?
Here is my code:

var commentGrid = new btexx_ext_221.grid.GridPanel({
    store: this.commentStore,
    cm: new btexx_ext_221.grid.ColumnModel({
        columns: [{
            id: 'comment',
            header: btexx.documentmanager.Utils.getResource('socialpanel_comments_grid_comment'),
            width: 50,
            dataIndex: 'htmlContent'
        }, {
            id: 'author',
            header: btexx.documentmanager.Utils.getResource('socialpanel_comments_grid_author'),
            width: 25,
            dataIndex: 'author'
        }, {
            id: 'creationDate',
            header: btexx.documentmanager.Utils.getResource('socialpanel_comments_grid_created'),
            width: 25,
            dataIndex: 'creationDate'

    viewConfig: {
        forceFit: true
    disableSelection: true,
    frame: true,
    titleCollapse: true
Many thanks in advance,