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Thread: Prevent element move into a panel scrollable

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    Default Prevent element move into a panel scrollable

    I have to do something strange, after some hours trying to solve this problem I come here to get any idea.
    First of all, is not a normal use of sencha touch panels, but cant be done in another way (the panel that musnt be moved is into the scrollable panel and I cant change that ).
    I have a scrollable panel with some items and, in some circumstances, one of that panels musnt scroll when the parent panel is scrolled. Is easy to say but hard to code. If I get this solved, I go to take a coffee
    A second problem (less important) is that the panel that musnt be moved is also scrollable and when the parent panel is scrolled it must keep without moving (as said in the previous phrase) but must keep also his own scroll position. Wow!
    I have done a small code to show this:

    In that test, when the blue block is moved, the desired effect is that the green block dont moves (keeps in the start position), but as you can see it moves with the blue block

    Hope that I have explained enoughly good the problem and thanks for your help!

    P.D: I have posted this question in Stackoverflow also, is something wrong posting the same question in that two places?

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    Please don't post in two different places, can cause duplicate work. If it's rendered as a inner child it's going to scroll. Only way it's not is if it's a floating component and you handle the positioning and sizing.
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