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Thread: Expanding the first grouping of a grouped grid only

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    Default Expanding the first grouping of a grouped grid only


    I have a requirement to expand the first grouping of a grouped grid when the grid is rendered.

    Using the config property startCollapsed i can obviously start all groups collapsed but was wondering how i can start with the first view expanded and all other collapsed only.

    I saw there is a private method for the grouping feature called expand which expects an ID, presumably of the grouping you want to expand.

    How do i access the ID of the group i want to expand? Is this even possible to achieve?
    I used the following code to determine that i need to pass an ID to the expand method:

    var groups ='Notifications').getGroups(),
          gridFeat = grid.features[0];
    gridFeat.expand(<--ID expected as JS error 'id' is null or not an object-->);
    I inspected the markup and the ID on the group body is gridview-1104-gp-Today ?but passing that into the method does not work either.

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    that method, expand, should have as argument group name, not an ID, thus in your case I suppose is expand('Today'). You can look in the source code of the method and understand better how it works.
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