I have been trying to get the QuickTips to work on a Grid, which has grouping enabled, but running into some problems. The code is pasted at the end of the message.

1. I don't want any tooltips on the Headers, but I noticed that when I hover the mouse on a Header, it gives me a blank tooltip. How do I disable tooltips to appear on the grid headers?

2. Similarly if I hover the mouse on a group name row, a blank tooltip appears as well. I do not want the tooltip on group names either. Is there a way to disable the tooltips on the group name rows?

3. I want to delay the appearance of tooltips to say 1 sec (it appears too fast), but I cannot figure out a way to do so.

I'll appreciate any help. Thanks.

              GroupingView<Process> view = new GroupingView<Process>() {              @Override
              protected void processRows(int startRow, boolean skipStripe) {
                super.processRows(startRow, skipStripe);
                NodeList<com.google.gwt.dom.client.Element> rows = getRows();
                System.out.println("startRow = " + startRow + " ;  rows length = " + rows.getLength());
                for (int i = 0, len = rows.getLength(); i < len; i++) {
                  Element row = rows.getItem(i).cast();
                  Process p = (Process) ds.get(i);
                  // whatever tooltip you want with optional qtitle
                  String desc = p.getProcDesc();
                  if (desc == null || desc.equals(""))
                  Double procId = p.getProcId();
                  String procName = p.getProcName();
                  row.setAttribute("qtip", desc);
                  row.setAttribute("qtitle", procId + " " + procName);
      final Grid<Process> grid = new Grid<Process>(store, cm);

      new QuickTip(grid);