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Thread: Error raised when opening a new window in ExtTop

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    Default Error raised when opening a new window in ExtTop

    With ExtJS, trying to open any window in the ExtTop example raises an error about “win.dd is undefined”. It worked well under previous beta version.

    Effectively the “createWindow()” method of the Desktop class registers a listener on “boxready”:

                boxready: function () {
                    win.dd.xTickSize = me.xTickSize;
                    win.dd.yTickSize = me.yTickSize;
                    if (win.resizer) {
                        win.resizer.widthIncrement = me.xTickSize;
                        win.resizer.heightIncrement = me.yTickSize;
                single: true
    and under the beta2 the event gets triggered before the DD machinery has been configured (I guess by the “initDraggable()” method of the Window class). With the beta1 version, at that point both the “dd” property and the “resizer” property are assigned.

    Don't know what the proper fix should be, apparently just hooking on the “show” event works ok.

    Thank you in advance,
    bye, lele.

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