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Thread: Architect 2.1 Build 678

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    Default Architect 2.1 Build 678

    Today we are releasing a minor update to Sencha Architect 2.1.

    On next launch, Architect will ask to auto-update to the new version.

    This update fixes a problem that occurred when attempting to package and simulate a Touch app for Android.

    Please note that Architect 2.1 only works with Sencha CMD version 3.0, not with the newer versions of CMD available on the Sencha forum.

    Also, after going through the Package setup step in Architect, you will need to manually remove the index.html file in the root folder of your project
    before building or simulating your package (otherwise your packaged or simulated app will just show three blinking dots when run).

    The updated Architect installers are here:

    The Sencha Cmd installer is here:

    Just in case anyone was worrying, this is not all we have been working on for the last few months. We don't have anything to say publicly yet about the when or what of a more major update, but we have been hard at work.
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