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    Default Ext.ux.panel.SyncSize

    Hi All

    I have been going through the classes we have developed over the last few years and sharing back with the community some of them that I think will be useful to others. These components have been tested extensively in ext-3.2.1.

    Here is: Ext.ux.panel.SyncSize

    Causes one component to sync its size to another component.

     * @author Will Ferrer, Ethan Brooks
     * @copyright (c) 2012, Intellectual Property Private Equity Group
     *  @licensee 2012 developed under license for Switchsoft LLC a "Direct response telephony company" as part  of it's "VOIP Call distribution, ROI analysis platform, call recording,  and IVR for inbound and outbound sales" and Run the Business Systems LLC  a "Technology development investment group" as part of it's "PHP,  Javascript rapid application development framework and MySQL analysis  tools"
     * @license licensed under the terms of
     * the Open Source LGPL 3.0 license.  Commercial use is permitted to the extent
     * that the code/component(s) do NOT become part of another Open
    Source or Commercially
     * licensed development library or toolkit without explicit permission.
     * <p>License details: <a href=""
     * target="_blank"></a></p>
    * We are pretty nice just ask. We want to meet our licensees
    author: Will Ferrer
    date: 01/21/11
     * @class Ext.ux.panel.SyncSize
     * @extends Ext.util.Observable
     * Causes one component to sync its size to another component.
     * @constructor
     * @param {Object} config The config object
     * @ptype x-panel-syncsize
    Ext.ux.panel.SyncSize = function(config){
        Ext.apply(this, config);;
    Ext.extend(Ext.ux.panel.SyncSize, Ext.util.Observable, {
    //Public Properties:
        * @cfg {Object} target
        * The target to sync sizes to. Defaults to null.
        target : null,
        * @cfg {Array} syncEvents
        * Events to trigger the sync. Defaults to ['render', 'resize'].
        syncEvents : ['render', 'resize'],
        * @cfg {Boolean} syncHeight
        * Whether or not to sync the height of the component. Defaults to false.
        syncHeight : false,
        * @cfg {Boolean} syncWidth
        * Whether or not to sync the height of the component. Defaults to false.
        syncWidth : true,
        * @cfg {number} widthMod
        * How much to mod the width of the component by. Defaults to 0.
        widthMod : 0,
        * @cfg {number} heightMod
        * How much to mod the height of the component by. Defaults to 0.
        heightMod : 0,
    //Private Functions:
        // @private
        init: function(parent){
            var n;
            this.parent = parent;
            this.parent.syncSizePlugin = this;
            if (Ext.isString( {
       = Ext.getCmp(;
            for(n=0; n<this.syncEvents.length; n++) {
      [n], this.syncSize, this);
        // @private
        syncSize: function(){
            var newWidth, newHeight;
            if (this.syncHeight) {
               newHeight = + this.heightMod;
            if (this.syncWidth) {
               newWidth = + this.widthMod;
    Ext.preg('ux-panel-syncsize', Ext.ux.panel.SyncSize);
    Best regards

    Will Ferrer (Run the Business)
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