I'm using Sencha CMD with cygwin.

When using the "generate app" command it is only possible to use Windows path expressions with replacement of "\" to "/".

SDK path: /cygdrive/d/Development/extjs-4.1.3/
Cygwin target path: /cygdrive/e/Temp/senchacmdtest/
Windows target path: E:\Temp\senchacmdtest

Example (working directory is the ExtJS SDK)
1) sencha generate app TestApp /cygdrive/e/Temp/senchacmdtest/Result directory: D:\cygdrive\e\Temp\senchacmdtest

2) sencha generate app TestApp E:\Temp\senchacmdtest
Result directory: E:\Tempsenchacmdtest

3) sencha generate app TestApp E:/Temp/senchacmdtest
Result directory: E:\Temp\senchacmdtest

Example 3 is currently the only way I'm able to use Sencha CMD with cygwin. Is that behaviour already known or reported as a bug ? Maybe there is a solution ?

Kind regards