I cannot find the solution to a "simple" problem with a remote combobox.
Long story short, I'm not able to show the displayField of the combobox using form.loadRecord().
The problem is that the combobox store is not loaded when I call loadRecord().
If I load it before setting the value, I should download the whole store to be sure that the value I'm looking for is downloaded.

This is the scenario:
Two objects involved: User, Street (User hasOne Street).
Both models configured with a Direct proxy, both stores with autoLoad: false
Both stores are also used in other parts of the application.
The street combobox has queryMode: false, valueField: street_id and displayField: street_name
The combobox store has autoLoad: false

When I edit a User, I create a form with a Street combobox. The combobox has name: street_id (this is the value I need to save to the database).
I call loadRecord() and the combobox display the street_id (as the street store is not loaded).
If I apply this override http://blog.oomta.com/extjs-4-combob...oading-models/ , the store is populated with 50 streets, but, as streets are more than 1000, it is quite sure that I will not get the record I'm looking for to decode street_id to street_name.

I also have street_name in the User model. So, I could set both street_id and street_name with the data I have in the User record.
But I cannot find the way to set the "displayValue" (street_name) of the combobox, while keeping the value (street_id) unchanged.

How comboboxes are intended to work with big data?

Thank you very much for you help