Hi all,

Hoping someone to help with some advice about a project i want to embark on.

I want to create an app which can be packaged for the various app stores. The app will be real basic in stage 1 and pretty much provide information, images, links etc.

I have a page on my websitesite which displays latest stories/articles. Being that the site is database driven (PHP/MySQL), i want to know what is the best way of retrieving this data to display on the app?

I have read we cant connect to databases directly so am i best to use YQL or similar to fetch this data?

Im pretty new to Sencha so curious on what the best way to do this?

Ideally, i would like the News page on the app to display a list of stories (Say 10 at a time) which include a thumb, title and short description. When clicked it would then go to a full detail page.

I can format my webpage to match what ever we need if necessary.

I did send some time tinkering with YQL and have managed to parse the data from the page, but i have no idea about, paginating/loading, memory issues, etc..

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.