[This is for the Sencha Cmd build]

ExtJs allows us to set the appFolder to be something instead of 'app' - e.g I can set it to 'myapp' if I want. However, the Sencha Cmd scripts stop working if you do this - in particular, you can no longer use 'sencha generate controller' or 'sencha generate view'.

This seems to be because the location of the app.js file is hard-coded in the plugins/ext/current/plugin.xml file. E.g, on line 203:
<property name="app.js.file" value="${args.path}/app/app.js"/>

There are a number of other references to ${args.path}/app in that file.

Would it be possible to replace references to '${args.path}/app' with something like ${args.path}/${appFolder} (with appFolder defaulting to 'app', of course)?