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Thread: Grid emptyText isn't shown after a first refresh

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    Default Grid emptyText isn't shown after a first refresh

    When a grid is bound to a store with a remote proxy the empty text isn't being displayed correctly on the first refresh (store triggered).

    What happends is that a store's loadRecords function will fire a "refresh" event picked-up by the grid's AbstractView refresh function. At this point the store is always still marked as "loading = true" which causes this conditional to fail (AbstractView, refresh function):

    if (! && (!me.deferEmptyText || me.hasFirstRefresh)) {
    I've confirmed that this line's change is new in 4.2 and that if I override the function to change that condition the empty text is shown correctly at all times.

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    Thanks for posting, as it goes we have a ticket open for a separate (but the same cause) issue.

    For your reference it's EXTJSIV-6444.
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