Please help me

1) I created some test sencha touch 2 demo application and hosted it in IIS. Application is displayed in Desktop browser very good.

2) I have builded and signed app for iPhone sucessfully with command "sencha packa run packager.json" using ios_distribution certificate and embedded.mobileprovisiion file and...

3) I try to install builded app from iTunes and got with error. I drag-and-drop app to iTunes, press Sync button and in ending of installation iPhone throw message "Cannot install "test" from iTunes". Then...

4) I uploaded .ipa file to TestFlight and try install app from it. But I face with message "Cannot install "test""

5) I wrapped my test sencha web app with PhoneGap, signed with me certificate, uploaded to TestFlight and install native app sucessfully.

I use:

SenchaCmd: 3.0
SenchaSDKTools: SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3-windows
Sencha Touch 2

Why doesn't sencha native builder work? Have you any ideas? Thanks