Accessibility : Field names in dialogs not read by JAWS in IE8 ? is this known bug

I am doing Accessibility testing of our product which uses GXT2. while testing with JAWS ON, happen to see that in the editable/readonly fields dailogs, when focus goes to the field , JAWs does not read the name of the field, it simply reads the type and value of the field.

is this known issue in GXT2 ? if not how to raise a new bug against sencha GXT2?

This issue is happening only in IE. In Firefox,JAWS reads the field name perfectly.I raised an issue and below are the comments from developer.

[dev comment]
This is an IE only issue with GXT 2.x, in GXT 3.x the form fields are constructed differently, and it seems to provide a better result in IE. For example, the same problem raised here is also seen in the GXT 2 showcase:

This is more a limitation of the accessibility support in GXT 2, and also seen in the Add User UI, altough not reported in this document. If we don't have a one-to-one mapping of an input field to a label we don't get the "Name" accessibility value. For layout purposes we have both fields within a container, so neither field has a UI label associated with it and does not have the accessiblity value.

A few options I tried that had no impact:

txtfldName.getAriaSupport().setPresentation(true); =========================================================================