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Thread: Formpanel Not Showing Up in Production Build

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    Default Formpanel Not Showing Up in Production Build

    I've built a fairly large app and compiled it for production using Sencha Cmd. Before compiling, the app works perfectly with no errors. The production version works almost perfectly except for two formpanels, which won't show up when added (i.e. panel.add([formpanel])) to a panel.

    There are no errors given. 'Ext.form.Panel' is included in "requires" in the controller that uses it (and is definitely being defined before being instantiated in the production app.js build).

    When I inspect the dom, I can see the content for the formpanels there.

    My suspicion is that there is some sort of problem with adding a formpanel to a panel dynamically. Keep in mind, though, this all works in development, just not in production.

    Any ideas? What am I missing about production builds that could be throwing this off?

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    Sounds like a layout issue, form panel is not going to auto height so you will need to use a layout on the form's parent or give the form a height.
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